**New Hampshire Properties Only**

THE FOLLOWING RATES ARE THE TOTAL PRICE for a FIVE year vacation plan in your unit and season of choice.



YOU WILL NEVER PAY A MAINTENANCE FEE or anything else that usually occurs with a timeshare. You pay ONCE and never think about paying again for FIVE YEARS …


You will have occupancy in the unit and week of your choice (8 days/7nights) starting from any day of the week/weekend…. for a 5 year period

Check-in after 4pm/Check-out by 11am

Please Read this page in full…… to see all of the great plan details including the "Rental", “Guest”, and “Trade Your Week” options if you can't or don’t want to use your purchased week!!!!  Also see the per year cost breakdown to show you how good this plan is……at the bottom of the page.

These are the total prices for 8 day/7 night vacations for a 5 year period.  There will be no additional charges incurred besides the 9% NH sales tax.

(sleeps 4)
(sleeps 4)
(sleeps 8)
**see rebate option below
Call for Rate Call for Rate Call for Rate
Offseason Call for Rate Call for Rate Call for Rate
Please visit THE ROOMS/RATES page for pictures and descriptions of these units

The Primetime Plan pricing is for “Primetime Winter” (12/20-3/31), “Primetime Summer” (6/17-Labor Day), and “September/October” vacations.

**Note** For every year that you use your Primetime vacation plan week (don’t use the “Rental Option” mentioned below) during a NON-“primetime summer” Week (“Primetime Winter” or “September/October”)….you will receive a $100 rebate check for the Cozy or Deluxe Condo plans and a $200 rebate check for the Grand Suite plan.



All weeks for all unit types are open to this plan…..please feel free to inquire with any questions about the differences between the units, the seasons, etc…

The week that you pick will be yours from the year that you decide to start the plan....

For example if you start with a 2009 vacation.... then your plan will have use of 5 weeks that occur once per year in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,2013 without interruption or additional fees.

....And if you can’t use the specific week you chose....you have a few options......


OPTIONS....what to do when you can’t or don’t want to use your purchased week:

“Rental Option”:

If you can't or don't want to use your week in a particular year you can request that we rent it for you and you would receive all of the rental funds less taxes and fees.(i.e. credit card fee if a cc was used for the rental of your week, extra advertising at your request etc...)

**NOTE**there is no guarantee of rental.

“Guest Option”:

If you want another person to use your week…..that is fine.

We just need to have their information on file with us…..but no monies would be required as your week would already be prepaid with us by you.

“Trade Your Week Option”:

Sometimes a week looks good when you first purchase it and then later on ....not so much. So an additional option is....with 6 months or more notice prior to your vacation plan week in a particular year...you would have the option to switch it to another available week....equivalent unit type, time period (primetime or off-season)...although check-in and check-out days don't have to be equivalent...as long as it's an 8 day / 7 night stay...it can be Saturday to Saturday or Wednesday to Wednesday, etc...

**NOTE** You can use this “Trade Your Week Option” during any and/or all of the plan years.


Additional Discount Information

For New Guests:

If you haven’t stayed with us before… you probably would like to see the particular unit you are interested in prior to purchase.  To see them however… you would need to rent the unit……but we will partially reimburse you for this.

So feel free to rent any of the Units… anytime… for any stay.  We would suggest staying at least 2-3 nights to get a feel of the unit, resort and area….but there is no minimum or maximum stay required.  Then if you purchase one of our Discount Vacation Plans within 30 days after your vacation……you will get 50% of your trip cost (up to $100) discounted off of any Primetime Vacation Plan and 25% of your trip cost (up to $50) off of any Off Season Vacation Plan…

For Previous Guests:

If you have already stayed with us previously… you more than likely already have a discount on your account.  In most… if not all cases… we would be able to apply any discounts that you have on your account to one of your vacation plan weeks and then discount the plan cost.

For example if you presently have a 20% referral discount on your account and purchase a Grand Suite primetime vacation plan for $3600 + tax… you would receive a $144 discount off of the plan.

And remember for every year that you use the Grand Suite Primetime Vacation Plan during a non “primetime summer” week (“Primetime Winter” or “September/October”)… you get a $200 rebate check

Thank You Discount:

As you would see if you looked at our Rooms/Rates page… one of the benefits in renting from us… is the “Thank You” Discount that we send to you.  For every year that you rent from us… the following January …we send you a 10% “Thank You” Discount to use on any of our vacations…

We want you to know that you will still benefit from the “Thank You” Discount that we send out every January for everyone who vacationed with us the prior year… even though you would be purchasing this greatly discounted vacation plan.  This is how it will work for a Vacation Plan purchase.

For each week that you use during your plan (don't have us rent it out for you)....we will put a 10% discount on file for you......so in 2014 (after your plan ends if you start in 2009), if you have stayed in the unit for all 5 years.... then you will get a single vacation in 2014 for 50% off of the normal vacation cost (any unit, any season….no minimum or maximum stay).  The 50% discount is good against one vacation..... not the vacation plan.  But if you wanted to purchase another vacation plan at that time for 2014 and after

.....each 10% discount can be used against one week of the plan.....

For example if you purchased the Deluxe Condo Primetime Vacation plan for $2250 + tax.

.......In 2014.... if you had (5) 10% discounts.... you would get a $225 discount off of the plan.....

If you had (4) 10% discounts.... you would get a $180 discount off of the plan, etc....

Also please note...that in 2014 our vacation plan prices might be a different price than what they are now..... but we gave you an example above based on today’s pricing. And even if our pricing changes...... this discount policy will not.

Multiple Vacation Plan Purchases:

There is no limit on the number of vacation plans that you can purchase.  For example if you want a primetime vacation…… also consider buying an off-season vacation in the Cozy Condo…where the total plan cost is $945 + tax….which is $189 + tax per year for a whole 7 night vacation when the crowds are low and the relaxation is high…

And if you buy multiple plans….for every two plans that you purchase…the lowest one will receive an extra 10% discount off of the plan price.


You can just buy one vacation plan whether it’s the Off-season or Primetime Plan …it’s a great bargain!!!



Right to Use Agreement:

There is a "Right to Use" Agreement that is signed upon the Vacation Plan purchase by both us and the guest.  It is basically for your protection...... as it will list the price and terms that you purchased the plan for....... such as the "trade your week option", etc...

Therefore if we ever change the Discount Vacation Plan in any way.......the particular plan with the terms you purchased won’t change until your contract ends.

There would also be a clause in the Agreement to state that in the event the condo is unusable due to sale, natural disaster, etc... you will be refunded any unused portion of the vacation plan....

Payment Options:

Either you would pay 50% of the vacation plan cost at the time of booking and the remainder 30 days prior to the first week of the vacation plan


Take advantage of our monthly payment plan option....where we basically divide the amount of the plan by the # of months between booking and 30 days prior to the first vacation week of the plan. The first payment needs to be received within 10 business days of the purchase...and the last payment has to be received 30 days prior to the first vacation week of the plan.

The payments in between can be paid on any day of the month as long as they are received by the end of each month.  There are no extra charges, fees, interest, etc… to use this monthly payment option.

For Forms of Payment….we accept Check/Money Order, Paypal, Credit Cards (Mastercard/Visa, American Express, Discover).


If the first vacation week of the plan is at least 6 months away ….and you cancel within 3 business days of purchasing the plan…  full monies (less any applicable fees) will be refunded to you with no questions asked. Otherwise ….monies will only be refunded (less any applicable fees) if the first vacation week of the plan is able to be re-rented. If it is unable to be re-rented…then all monies less the first vacation week cost of the plan will be refunded. There are no cancellations allowed after the first vacation week passes.  You may use the Rental, Guest or Trade your Week options in a particular year if you can’t use your week

Security Deposit:

$100 refundable deposit (refunded at the end of the contract)--unless paying by credit card or credit card information is on file-- then no security deposit is required.


View the “Per Year Vacation Cost” Breakdown

Even though the plan must be paid in full before your first vacation week…this is basically what the vacation price is per year over the five year period. 

Grand suite (sleeps up to 8)

Primetime Vacation Plan:

If you use all 5 years during “Primetime Winter” or “September/October” …after all of the rebates you will be paying *$520/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

If you use all 5 years during “Primetime Summer”….you will be paying *$720/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

Off-season Plan: ...you will be paying *$414/year for a full 7 night vacation week

Deluxe Condo (sleeps up to 4)

Primetime Vacation Plan:

If you use all 5 years during “Primetime Winter” or “September/October”……after all of the rebates you will be paying *$350/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

If you use all 5 years during “Primetime Summer”…..you will be paying *$450/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

Off-season plan: ...you will be paying *$279/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

Cozy Condo (sleeps up to 4)

Primetime Vacation plan:

If you use all 5 years during “Primetime Winter” or “September/October”…..after all of the rebates you will be paying *$260/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

If you use all 5 years during “Primetime Summer”….you will be paying *$360/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

Off-season plan: …you will be paying *$189/year for a full 7 night vacation week.

*The above pricing breakdown does not include NH sales tax charged on the plan price,  any discounts that you have on your account,  if you use different primetime period weeks using the “Trade your week” option, etc…**


Again this IS a Vacation Plan…… and…… NOT a Timeshare.


  • Closing Costs
  • Transfer Fees
  • Yearly Maintenance Fees
  • Yearly Property Tax Payments
  • Assessment Fees
  • Depreciation of Value
  • Selling Costs


  • Knowing that you have a great vacation spot for the next 5 years without worrying about how to pay for it every year since you pay for it ONE TIME ONLY.
  • The Same vacation week every year so you can pre-schedule it at work, etc…
  • Staying in a fully equipped Condo at a Great Four Season Resort which means that you don’t have to spend more money to eat out if you don’t want to as you will have a fully equipped kitchen and/or kitchenette and you can enjoy the Resort Amenities without paying extra money for entertainment……although there are many area restaurants & attractions to choose from too…..
  • Options if you can't or don’t want to use your week…..at no extra cost
  • Discount accumulation just by using your week each year of the plan which  you can then use on a single vacation or a new vacation plan after your plan ends.
  • Yearly Rebate Qualification for Primetime Vacation Plans if you choose.
  • Great Customer Service to help plan your vacations, answer questions ++++

Thank You for taking the time to read this…

CM2 VACATION PROPERTIES Discount Vacation Plan Page and we hope that you will consider one of these Great plans for your vacation needs…..

There is never any pressure to rent, etc…. so please feel free to contact us with any questions via e-mail cm2vacations@cox.net or phone 401-451-4176.

Christina and Chris Marsland


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